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Bakuchiol: a sustainable & natural anti-ageing active


Made from Nature
Designed by Science

Psoralea corylifolia (Babchi) is a medicinal plant originating from India and China. Its seeds have been used in Aryuvedic medicine for centuries. 

Bakuchiol is contained in the seeds of the Babchi plant. Dr. Craft has developed a clean extraction process to produce safe, highly pure, sustainable and organic Bakuchiol - a world first. 


A natural, non-irritating alternative

The conversion around Retinol as a potent anti-ageing active has grown increasingly throughout 2020. However, its reputation for causing skin sensitivity and extreme dryness is a deterrent for many, with a vast amount of beauty consumers concerned about using actives that may lead to irritation.

Bakuchiol has powerful anti-ageing benefits, as well as improving the appearance of UV related skin damage, and is known for being a natural alternative to Retinol. A 12 week clinical trial conducted by The University of California Davis and published in the British Journal of Dermatology, which compared the effects of both Bakuchiol and retinol on a selection of volunteers. The results showed that Bakuchiol performed similarly to retinol in significantly decreasing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation in the skin when applied in a cream, as well as reporting that it showed less skin irritation and less side effects when compared to retinol.

Dr. Craft  Bio-BakuchiolRetinolBakuchiol
Natural, organic extractSynthetic chemicalNatural extract
Sustainable & renewableMade from non-renewablesMade from renewables
World-first organic extraction process,
invented by the Dr. Craft academic team
Chemically made, creating undesirable
Non-organic extraction process
using petro-chemicals
Anti-ageing effects for the skinAnti-ageing effects for the skinAnti-ageing effects for the skin
Does not irritate skinCommonly leads to skin irritationUnlikely to cause irritation
Improves UV-related skin damageImproves UV-related skin damageImproves UV-related skin damage
Significantly decreases wrinkles
and hyperpigmentation
Significantly decreases wrinkles
and hyperpigmentation
Significantly decreases wrinkles
and hyperpigmentation


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