Bio-Bakuchiol: a world-first organic and sustainable
anti-ageing active created by Dr. Craft


A natural, non-irritating alternative to Retinol

Psoralea corylifolia (Babchi) is a medicinal plant originating from India and China. Its seeds have been used in Aryuvedic medicine for centuries.  This natural anti-ageing active has become known as a gentle and effective anti-ageing active that mimics the behaviour of retinol without the same kind of irritation.

Bakuchiol has been clinically proven by the British Journal of Dermatology to significantly decrease wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and UV-related skin damage with less side effects than traditional retinol.


A world-first organic Bakuchiol extract

The Dr. Craft team began their research into natural and plant-based alternatives to Retinol in 2013, discovering a study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science that provided the first clinical demonstration that Bakuchiol had retinol-like anti-aging effects, but without the retinol side-effects.

The Dr. Craft team quickly recognised that there was no natural and organic version of Bakuchiol on the market and set out designing and developing a clean extraction process using green chemistry and COSMOS organic and natural certification principles.

In 2014, the Dr. Craft academic team began to develop their patented, Bio-Bakuchiol organic extract is expertly formulated to maintain healthy skin over time by not only blocking premature skin ageing, but also slowing down and repairing the appearance of pre-existing signs of ageing.


A pure anti-ageing active

Non-organic, standard Bakuchiol is produced using solvents that are problematic and non-sustainable; the typical extraction solvent used is hexane, which is a highly flammable petrochemically-derived liquid, found in gasoline, paints and glue manufacturing.

The Dr. Craft extraction process of Bakuchiol from the Babchi seeds uses organic glycerin, which naturally extracts only the Bakuchiol, leaving any undesirable by-products behind, resulting in a pure and clean extract. The seeds of the Psoralea Corylifolia plant produce a family of chemicals called coumarins which are undesirable for skin care applications. The Dr. Craft extraction process has been optimised to exclude these chemicals from the extract, leaving only pure anti-aging actives. 


Committed to green practices

Commercial retinol is made through a synthetic process which requires several chemical treatments to produce the final product. Pure retinol is extremely reactive to the atmosphere and therefore must be prepared and transported at low temperatures and in an oxygen free atmosphere, consuming vast amounts of energy. 

The Dr. Craft process is much more sustainable by comparison,  using only natural and organic ingredients, and recycling the alcohol and purification materials used in the extraction process. The organic seed waste created during extraction is composted and the academic team are actively looking at opportunities where seed waste could be used in a new cosmetic product. 

Ethical practice is equally important to the Dr. Craft team as sustainable practice. The Dr. Craft brand supports women's cooperatives and fair trade farms globally through the sourcing of organic ingredients. The Organic Shea Butter and Organic Argan Oil found within the Bio-Bakuchiol range is sourced from cooperatives making a significant contribution to the economic empowerment of African women by providing education, fair pay and safe living conditions.

Dr. Craft  Bio-BakuchiolRetinolBakuchiol
Natural, organic extractSynthetic chemicalNatural extract
Sustainable & renewableMade from non-renewablesMade from renewables
World-first organic extraction process,
invented by the Dr. Craft academic team
Chemically made, creating undesirable
Non-organic extraction process
using petrochemicals
Anti-ageing effects for the skinAnti-ageing effects for the skinAnti-ageing effects for the skin
Does not irritate skinCommonly leads to skin irritationUnlikely to cause irritation
Improves UV-related skin damageImproves UV-related skin damageImproves UV-related skin damage
Significantly decreases wrinkles
and hyperpigmentation
Significantly decreases wrinkles
and hyperpigmentation
Significantly decreases wrinkles
and hyperpigmentation


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