Innovators in Green Beauty

Dr. Craft uses natural ingredients and innovative green chemistry to develop sustainable, clean extraction processes for actives with results proven by scientific research. Dr. Craft was born from over 15 years of scientific research between Professor Chris Rayner and Professor Richard Blackburn, two leading academics in green chemistry and sustainability at The University of Leeds.

"The passion has always come from a desire to do chemistry better, to make it safer for both the user and the environment, but still allowing for exciting innovations."

Professor Richard Blackburn, Co-founder, Dr. Craft



Made from Nature
Designed by Science

Looking to nature for inspiration, with an initial emphasis on waste materials from the food industry, they were driven to breathe new life into otherwise unused, or under researched, natural active ingredients. Dr. Craft’s expertise has led to the development of world-first sustainable and clean extraction processes. 

Whilst the brand is supported by academic knowledge and expertise in green chemistry and sustainability, the team endeavours to educate consumers and provide transparency to an otherwise overly complex or inaccessible premium skincare market. 


Award Winners in Sustainability

Supported by an in-depth knowledge of their cosmetic benefits at a chemical level they ensure that their products are not only better for the environment, but safer for consumers. Each range typically undergoes two years of research, innovation and development to ensure exceptional quality from the active ingredient to the product base.

In 2019, Dr. Craft were announced as the winners of the Sustainable Beauty Awards, ‘Best New Product’ category. In 2020, Dr. Craft were given the title of "Best Sustainable Cosmetic Product Company' in the Global Excellence Awards. The Bakuchiol Face Cream was most recently shortlisted in the Pure Beauty Awards 'Best New Natural Face Product' category.

Since the brand launched, Dr. Craft has received a multitude of press features from the likes of the BBC, The Telegraph, and many more. 


Formulated with Expert Knowledge

Professor Richard Blackburn

Co-Founder & Director

Professor Richard Blackburn is Co-Founder & Director of Dr. Craft Cosmetics and its parent company, Keracol Limited. He is also Professor of Sustainable Materials at The University of Leeds where he heads the Sustainable Materials Research Group. He has significant experience of large industry-academia collaborative research and his technical expertise includes natural products chemistry and colour chemistry. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed journal articles, 3 books, and is an inventor on 14 granted international patents. He has successfully supervised over 30 PhD students. In 2018 he was co-chair of the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference, the seminal Green Chemistry conference in the world.

Professor Chris Rayner

Co-Founder & Director

Professor Chris Rayner is Co-Founder & Director of Dr. Craft Cosmetics and its parent company, Keracol Limited. He is Professor of Organic Chemistry at The University of Leeds, with over 30 years’ experience in the chemistry of natural products, including their synthesis, isolation and characterisation. He is the author of over 100 publications, review articles and patents, and his current research interests focus on two main areas, specifically the extraction and utilisation of natural products in consumer and biomedical applications, and the development of new chemistry involving CO2. He is also Founder Director of C-Capture Ltd. which is working to mitigate climate change through large scale deployment of its new CO2 capture technology.

Dr. Meryem Benohoud

Technical Director

Dr. Meryem Benohoud is Technical Director of Dr. Craft Cosmetics and its parent company, Keracol Limited.She has a PhD in organic synthesis from the Natural Products Chemistry Institute (ICSN-CNRS, France) and has conducted research work globally at the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland) and at Tokyo University of Science (Japan) on sustainable organic synthesis. She is a specialist in organic synthesis, analytical chemistry and natural products chemistry and has experience in natural products synthesis, collaboration with industrial partners, research funding applications and projects coordination. She has published extensively in the field of natural products chemistry, with many recent publications in the area of anthocyanins. 


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